Arrival At Hastrons

Bards and peasant daughters don't mix even when a fell taint is involved.

Date: 12/01/2009
Title: Arrival At Hastrons By ├ľnundr Tyggrason
Regions: Olophanes’ House, Mikal’s Farm, Hastrons, Phaedros

We searched the bedroom next to the orrey. After a fruitless search, it was time to ascended the ladder to the roof. The astrological scrawling on the walls continued with our ascent. Thankfully, there were no more creatures outside. The sky showed 2 bright starts. The red star possibly signified Balor. And the blue… The Wanderer? Uncertain of what this meant (if anything), we went back downstairs to the orrey.

Piro recovered enough to move. He was clearly shaken and wanted to leave. Some of the others wanted to stay for probably less honorable reasons. I sided with the lad and asked him about possible tomes we might take with us to support our case. Either he wasn’t sure, wasn’t in the mood to tell us, both. In the end, it was too difficult to discern what might be useful. We packed up a bunch of books and left the rest behind.

We felt justified taking the old man’s horse as he had no further use for her. She was attached to the wagon where most of us rode. The return trip to Mikal’s was thankfully uneventful.

We arrived in the morning and told the family what happened. Before we turned in for the day, Mikal sent one of his sons ahead to Hastrons to inform them of our arrival later that evening. Syas, being the fool that he was, must’ve done something to anger Mikal as he was driven off before we awoke at dusk. Sad. I liked that man and his ability to sing Dwarven songs. May Hrumnir allow our paths to cross again.

Mikal’s wife cooked us a delicious meal of quail. We were also given a nice seat to put on the wagon for more comfortable seating. Off we went with Mikal and Piro.

The following day will be Market Day. About 350-400 people should be around the small town tonight.

Important people in town not mentioned in earlier entry:
Fisichaeus: Lives nominally in town. He travels a lot. He supplies the town as well as 2 towns to the south and 3 to the north. He is the wealthiest man and is known for his imports. He also carries letters for people from town to town. His home is on the outskirts.
Ephemaia: She is the best weaver in the area.
Stephan: The town drunk. He lives on the charity of the Shrine of Atrian. We should stay away from him. All of his scars are from the Lightbringer War (War against the Tieflings).

As we approached this poor excuse for a well-laid out town, we could see that the homes and buildings were thrown up with no regard for efficiency or reason. Only 2 buildings were 2 stories tall. One was Ibros’ home. The other was our destination – the inn. Like all other towns we’ve entered, we caused quite a stir.

Our party entered the inn. It was quite crowded. There were possibly a hundred people present. A hush accompanied our entry followed by the expected staring, mostly at my companions. Mikal found his son Leus and was informed that the arbiter would arrive after dinner.

Maybe it was the day prior to Market Day or maybe it was because people were curious about the incoming freakshow, but people seemed friendlier to me here than most towns I passed in the past several months. No one knew what to do with Ansis, but stare like idiots. I wonder how many lads lost their wallets while gaping at us. Nadia made herself unnoticed while Gal was met with hostile glances.

Some rough-looking humans went to hassle Gal, but all they ended up doing was making asses of themselves as she deftly (and gracefully) put them into compromising situations that endeared her to the crowd.

The door opened, spilling light into the room, causing everyone to stop what they were doing. Two men entered – one in a robe, the other with a crutch and missing arm. The cripple, Stephen, spit at Gal’s feet as he passed her. He was swiftly reprimanded by the companion, Thayon.

Mikal did the honors and introduced us. He spoke on our behalf about our deeds.

In the meantime, none of us saw Nadia slip out to check out the church. The modest structure could hold 50 people. A light was burning at the base of a tower – the sign of a good Atrianist. She returned to the inn afterward, slipping in unseen.

Piro testified that Olophanes had become more and more withdrawn over the last year. We were then questioned in turn. None of us lied though some of us were more forthcoming than others when it came to details.

Thayon’s conclusion was that Olophanes was no longer human and not connected to the town anymore. We happened to be at the right place to be of assistance to the town. A smart move on Thayon’s part, to have this situation presented in front of everyone in town and to defuse the prejudices of simple minds.

He declared that food, lodging, and drinks would be on the church of Atrian tonight. Once the hearing was over, everyone seemed more relaxed. I spoke briefly with Thayon about my concerns regarding the events at Olophane’s house, the orrey, The Wanderer, etc. He too was concerned and asked if I (and my companions) would be interested going back to make sure that the house was clean. I voiced my interest without hesitation. We also unloaded a huge chunk of the tomes we retrieved from the house to Thayon for examination.

When market day arrived the next day, we made a few purchases as a group. See below.

We found out some rumors around town. —There is a ruined tower of a Neheshi Wizard nearby. It might be haunted. —Almador heard some crazy thing about a nixie (water spirit) in some woods. A good lot that’ll do us.

I convinced everyone to agree to head back to Olophane’s house soon.

XP: 0
Money: 7GP, 5SP each from Syas’ share
Olophanes’ Horse (Party though Nadja would like to claim it is hers)
1 Draft House (-11GP each)
1 Wagon (-4GP each)
Climbing Gear



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