Arrival In The West

The old man knows more than he's letting on.

Date: 04/26/2011
Title: Arrival In The West By ├ľnundr Tyggrason
Regions: Somewhere probably on the coast of Nehesh, Seaharrow, Hralfsted edge, The Kingspyres

We dove back into the sea and made our way back to shore. The captain and crew cheered when we showed them the threat had been eliminated. I took out the exodus knife and carved an entrance on the side of the ship for all the injured to recover. The rest of us slept on the ship or on the beach. The next day they put their three dead into the water for burial. Renardo and I were allowed to pray on their behalf. I worked with the captain to make the ship whole again.

Once the ship was in working order, it took a good portion of the day to get it back into the water and in deep enough water to sail away. The next four days were thankfully boring. We arrived in Seaharrow, four and a half weeks after setting sail from Mirosh. That’s almost as fast as our teleport plan, but by a hopefully unexpected route. As the crew went about their docking duties and unloading cargo, the captain called us in. He gave us half our deposit back and called it even on the rest of what we owe. We had saved many of his crew’s lives and possibility all of them from the sahuagin. We could not accept the half of the deposit. The captain nodded, took it back, and flipped a coin to Don Renardo to raise a glass to him. With that we deboarded and parted ways. Only time will tell if Almador and Vikal shall cross paths again.

The halfling’s wagon suffered some damage from the storm. We went about fixing that before rolling out of town. In the meantime, we asked around to see if anyone had heard of Hralfsted. As luck would have it, a wizened old dwarf approached Demyan when he was fixing his cart and pointed out a loose joint. Demyan tightened it and sized up the old dwarf. Though slightly hunched, he could see the once very muscular build. He might have been an adventurer. He struck up a conversation with the oldtimer. He mentioned our trade mission to Hralfsted. The dwarf raised a brow and told him the town had been destroyed when he was a wee lad. He drew closer and whispered that it was located a week west into the mountains. He gave the halfling a knowing pat and walked away without another word.

By the time the wagon was ready for the road, it was late. We rented rooms at the nicest inn in this small coastal village. We debated whether we should go west or to Portti Linnoitus to seek more information. Ultimately, we decided to go seek out Hralfsted first. If my parents were there, then we save them faster. If not, then we would have the place scouted and return later. Almador looked for a cartographer in town to buy a map, but none were to be found.

The first five days were peaceful and scenic. Demyan spotted something on the sixth day. We explored the area. Some stones with dwarven runes were mostly obscured by the tall grass. “Here ends Hralfsted. Beware.” Demyan advanced over the ridge. Ruins of an abandoned village were on the other side. Renardo scouted the village, but came back with nothing. He did see the road led up the hill. We followed the trail up until it was too dark to travel safely. I carved an entrance large enough for the cart with the exodus knife. The animals were alarmed and unhappy. That in turn made us very unhappy as they pooped everywhere and whined all night.

We continued our ascent the next morning. It was slow with the cart. As we crest a rise, there was a small plateau area for us to stop. I thought I saw two silhouettes dart behind some large rocks half a mile away. I quickly inform the party. Renardo snuck ahead to investigate. A minute later, CRACK! The hollow, brittle log he stepped on was so loud even we could hear it. Large boulders rained down in the area he was in. I could hear him scream from the impact. He ran his ass back to us for some quick healing. Demyan moved all the animals down the trail and had his wolf companion guard them. We were to guard the cart from getting hit. Horns blew in the distance. The sound of battle approached us.

XP: 200 each, 50 for snacks



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