Building Local Rep

Several paths begin to open up before us. We choose a swamp.

Date: 03/16/2010
Title: Building Local Rep By ├ľnundr Tyggrason
Regions: Hastrons, Phedros

Our first stop in town to the church of Atrian. We quickly relayed our findings Thayon, who was quite pleased with our performance. He took us to the first citizen Ibros and we informed him of what we found. His was quite gracious.

The first citizen hastily called a town meeting to publicly acknowledge our deeds and the end of the goblin threat in this region. Of course he made no mention of the crystal or taints as that would have frightened many of the townsfolk.

After the informal ceremony, the party scattered to do our own things for the remainder of the day. I spent a great deal of time talking to Thayon about religion and Olophanes. He’s clearly afraid of something, but is trying to hide his concerns as best he can. My comrades heard some interesting rumors around town. There seems to be a nixie in the woods not too far from here. A Neheshi wizard built a tower in some forsaken swamp and abandoned it. Not it’s supposedly haunted. Then there’s some rumor about halflings stealing human children. Don’t these humans know

better? Apparently not.

A messenger came to us mid-afternoon to present us with an invitation for dinner at Fisichaeus’ home. Our local deeds impressed him enough for him to want to dine with us. It seemed like a good opportunity for us so we accepted.

His home was without a doubt the nicest in this fine village. He was polite, charismatic, and shrwed. The merchant was measuring us and trying to decide if we were friends or foes. He liked having the attention of the village with his goods and services. Depending on our actions, we could really help or hinder his operation. My friends didn’t seem to pick up on this and seemed content to have some polite company and good food. By the time we left for our beds, things had gone smoothly and I played it cool to subtly convey that we were not looking to be his enemy.

The following morning, we packed up our things to leave. Thayon offered to sell us some healing potions at a discount. It was a generous offer we didn’t refuse. I also sought out the poor half-orc and gave him some silvers as acknowledgement of the hard work he has done for these kind folks

which has mostly gone unappreciated.

Out chosen quest was to investigate the tower in the swamp. Great… the last time I crossed a swamp, there were stinky rotting undead Neheshis working to drain it. Disgusting I tell you. Anyway, we took our two hours and made our way to the swamp. Almador secured the two horses before we


Thankfully, the swamp was not very deep, but it still came up much higher than I would have liked. After trudging through the stale water for what seemed like a good portion of the day, we found a tower. A few scattered tents were on the dryer parts of the land. As we approached, foul frog-like creatures, Bullywugs, attacked us. We crushed their impotent attacks and chased down the fleeing vermin to prevent reinforcements.

XP: 180 each



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