Date: 05/09/2011
Title: CHARGE!!! By ├ľnundr Tyggrason
Regions: Hralfsted, The Kingspyres

Renardo apologized for his earlier outburst. Easily forgiven. Almador even told me he was going knock my ass out and drag me down below to challenge the guy. All nice of them, but that’s not necessary now. With anger and purpose, I am ready to take charge of my own destiny, no longer satisfied to be the pawn in a false game.

We marched down the passage way. As we got close to the plaza, we could see guards posted on either side. We wasted no time engaging them. The hooded avenger was hiding behind the building in front of us attack as soon as possible. He was eager to bat my friends aside to get to me. The bottleneck was not working to our advantage. Some of them cleared out to the right only to be greeted by a ballista from the far corner.

We all managed to get into the plaza and take down the guards by the door. Demyan sent his wolf to keep the dwarves with the ballista busy. As we began to gain ground against the zealot, he activated the giant golem on top of a central building. This whirling construct of death was going to be a problem.

The battle dragged on and we were all running low on powers. I ate up the majority of our healing abilities since I was taking an incredible amount of abuse from this guy. Now I know how Almador feels in most fights. Just when it looked like we might have him, the coward ran off. And he could run! Faster than any creature I’ve seen move. He ran past everyone and pulled a lever to close a gate behind him.

We were stuck on the plaza side with the golem and one dwarf by the ballista.

XP: 250 each



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