Crossroads And The First Real Battle

Eau du Kruthiks.

Date: 09/15/2009
Title: Crossroads And The First Real Battle By ├ľnundr Tyggrason
Regions: Outside Hastrons around Mikal’s Farm, Phaedros

Almador left the Feywild for the Material Plane. He headed toward the town of Hastrons.

Syas wandered around Phaedros going to Massalikey. The previous night, he slept with a farmer’s daughter and had to make a hasty exit after being caught by the father. He claimed it was her idea, right… He encountered our ragtag group at a crossroad. I noticed his pants were inside-out and made a reference to his drinking. Syas excused himself while we had a good laugh. When he returned, I offered him some drink. He joined our group and sang a Dwarven song while we followed the road.

Further down the road, Nadja spotted someone behind us, gaining. We slowed down and got ready in case the stranger would turn out to be hostile. As he approached, we exchanged greetings and chatted for a bit. Almador was also headed to Hastrons, the next town down the road. It made sense to travel as a group.

A storm rolled in and we needed to find shelter. A farm with a barn was nearby. Syas went to the door and secured us lodging in the barn as well as some food from the farmer (Mikal). The farmer’s son brought us stew. We noticed the holy symbol of Chelea (minor goddess of agriculture) in the barn. Ansis and I gave thanks to her (and Hrumnir of course) for our good fortune.

Mikal came to speak to us later. He told us some of his cattle have been missing. Someone or something had been killing them. He asked for help and someone answered his call. That guy has now been missing 3 days. There was 1 partially eaten cattle corpse on his property. He couldn’t spare any of his farmhands. There was too much work to be done. A few of the other farm nearby were also experiencing a similar problem. With his description, we tossed around some ideas of what manner of creature could have done this. Syas thought it might be Kruthiks. We talked it over and took the job.

The next morning we took 2 bags of offal to the fields by where the cattle carcass was. We lured the creatures out. They were indeed Kruthiks. After defeating the lot, we healed up. The party followed the burrowing tracks back to their lair. None of us wanted to go in, so we tried to set up a trap to lure them to the entrance. They’re smarter than that and we probably reek of their dead relatives.

XP: 79 each



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