The hunt for bigger fish.

Date: 04/19/2011
Title: Sahuagincide By ├ľnundr Tyggrason
Regions: Somewhere probably on the coast of Nehesh

I cast comrade’s succor and dark light once we had a quick rest. I asked the captain if he knew the ritual for water breathing. He did and was happy to cast that on us so we could clear the sahuagin nest. We swam out a bit and approached from the sea instead of following the shoreline where the rocks might be treacherous. The rough waters were still painful.

I spotted something at the edge of the dark light, but I couldn’t make out what it was. As we approached, a sharp disturbance in the waters brought us to attention. Some sahuagin, a large shark, and a water elemental attacked from all side. It was surreal to be attacked from above. After defeating them, we found the cave mouth.

The cave stank of rotting fish and seaweed. We hadn’t made it far inside before we were ambushed by a gang of those foul sea creatures. As we fought our way to the back of the cave, we saw a different looking creature with four arms wearing a crown and wielding a trident. Skillful as it was, it was no match for our merciless advance. Once victorious, we took the heads as proof and threw the bodies into the sea to feed whatever lives there, but not before stripping the big bad (dead) boss of its loot.

XP: 610 each, 50 for snacks
Reproachful Trident +3 (Party)
Ring Of Fireblazing (Demyan)
4 x Healing Potion (Party)
Residuum (200 gp) (├ľnundr)
Silver Ingots (2000 gp)
Dwarf Statue (500 gp)
Small Chest (100 gp)
Priest Item (900 gp)
Coral Headdress (1800 gp)



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