Several Ways To The Same Destination

The storm.

Date: 04/12/2011
Title: Several Ways To The Same Destination By ├ľnundr Tyggrason
Regions: Mirosh, Phedros, Somewhere probably on the coast of Nehesh

I made it clear to everyone that I would be going home. They were free to go to the Feywild, but as true companions, they stood by me and my plight. I am grateful to such loyal friends. We spent the night going over our options.

We could teleport to the Inkhera. From there we could teleport to the Free Cities before going north or simply ride west from the Neheshi capital. We could also go to the Feywild and head west before looking for a crossing. The last option was to take a ship north around Neheshi and Soria. There was a lot of debate. We ruled out the Feywild as there is no reliable passage from the west and we would not know what the time difference is coming back. Teleporting to Inkhera might be expected and also incredibly expensive if we look for a way to teleport to the Free Cities. I did not want to revisit any place I had passed on my journey east. That left the sea. Have I mentioned I hate sailing?

The next morning, Almador went to the dock looking for Vikal. He asked him if he’d join us (no) and if his ship, The Hag, would be available for us to hire. He arranged a meeting later. When he returned to the inn, the eladrin set to work drawing a detailed map for Salandara. Once he was done, he grabbed Renardo for a meeting with the captain. They negotiated a price for passage with the two of them working on the ship. They also secured passage for the halfling cart and the animals though the captain was less than pleased with this additional cargo.

When they came back, we were told to load up. We did just that as Almador met with the cook and the sea witch. He reported that it went well. When we raised our suspicions about her intentions once returning to the Feywild, we finally believed that she would not betray him by saying she gave him a strand of her hair. Navi and I immediately stopped protesting at that point.

I ran off to do some last minute shopping and reluctantly boarded the ship. Almador and Renardo were put to work by the bosun, Mireck. Demyan set up the kitchen in his cart which was near the ship’s galley. I didn’t have anything to do, so I hung out in the cart. The less time I spend on deck the better. Navi put up fabric walls around her sleeping area and disappeared behind the curtains.

As the ship sailed, winds favored us. When I wasn’t sick, I made rope and helped in both kitchens. Demyan made delicious pies I could smell, but not eat lest I throw them back up. They were too savory for my seasick stomach. The crew were initially suspicious of their halfling passenger, but they could not resist his baked goods. They were a hit. This gave him an idea. He could sell recipes. I helped him translate some of them into dwarven and neheshi.

Then all hell broke loose. The ship tipped violently. I was tossed to and fro so hard that I received cuts all over from various sharp objects and smashing my body into the side of the ship. We stumbled up to the deck just in time to see a twenty foot wave washed some of the crew into the sea. Renardo made a daring climb up a mast to trim a sail, preventing it from breaking. Those of us unworthy of the sea dragged injured crew below to tend to their wounds. An hour later the ship was washed ashore.

As soon as my head seemed to be swimming in only one direction, I went up to survey the damage. I grabbed the nearest broken beam and cast make whole. It repaired some of the damage, but there was just too much destruction. The captain ran over and told me to hold off. He seemed relieved by what I did. Many of us went down to the beach. I stared out at the still raging sea with Navi and Almador. Suddenly, there was a lot of movement amidst the water.

A large group of sahuagin emerged from the sea. Great. The two casters stuck in the front with a small army approaching. Almador defended us while I took out groups of area attacks so Navi could slowly retreat to higher ground. I was forced to summon my angelic messenger to air us back on the ship. It was a slow grind, but we got them all except a caster who disappeared back to the depths. I ran around with my messenger to provide basic healing to all the injured crew.

The captain thanked us for the help, but was worried that there would be a nest nearby. We could see caves in the distance. I suggested we cast make whole on the ship a lot to get out of here fast. I asked who the ship’s caster is. He whispered that it was him. It wouldn’t be possible to get the ship back in the water today.

XP: 610 each, 50 for snacks



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