The Crematory

Q: How many Goblins does it take to fill a latrine?

Date: 01/05/2010
Title: The Crematory By Önundr Tyggrason
Regions: Hastrons, Mikal’s Farm, Olophanes’ House, Phaedros

After making the necessary purchases with our meager funds, we were ready to leave begin our next mission. Thayon generously gave us 2 healing potions. He also gave me a bag.

Inside the bag was a holy symbol. It was carved with the symbol of several gods I recognized, and some I didn’t. The gods seemed to all be non-destructive deities. I informed me, ‘in times of need, aid is never more than a prayer away.’ I thanked him and boarded the wagon.

Mikal, his sons, and the rest of us drove the wagons back to their farm, where we were once again allowed the privilege of sampling his wife’s delicious cooking. I don’t know about anyone else, but I slept quite well that night.

As dawn appeared above the horizon, we set off to the house of horrors. I spotted a lynx watching us from a distance, but it did not approach. While riding through the woods, Nadja noticed a some smoke coming from the direction of Olophanes’ house. We were too far away to determine if the smoke was from a campfire, near the house, or from the house itself.

After much debate, Almador tied up the horses while Nadja scouted ahead. The house had been on fire and was now smoldering. Much of it was destroyed. Only some of the stonework was intact.

The human’s eyes were sharp enough to spot some goblins among the shabby tents they erected nearby. She also spied a large dog. Not wanted her scent to be picked up by the beast, she snuck back to our location to inform us of her findings.

Our course of action was to CHARGE! Vile vermin must be eradicated! When we arrived, we found 4 Goblins and some weird, unhealthy-looking Goblin. They were dispatched without much trouble. The sickly goblin might have been infected by a taint? Not sure. Whatever was happening to it wasn’t natural.

The house was in terrible shape. Almost everything that could be set afire was gone. Much of the stonework was scorched and/or crumbling. The tower was most resilient, but still not possible to reach the top floor. A pile of rubble covered the trapdoor to the basement. Not sure if the basement collapsed, but the Goblins appeared to have been digging over it.

We searched the area while keeping our eyes on the surrounding area. It looked like there were probably more of them, as evident by the latrine filled with more shit than these 4 greenies could possibly produce in a few days. There was also a set of large wolf prints. Guess it probably wasn’t a dog. Dire wolf maybe?

We managed to gather the useful things to one location. There was a chest, some books the (probably) Goblins set aside, a crappy tent, poorly made weapons, and a magical dagger. The dagger was thought to be an axe, but it was really dagger that can change shape in battle. Handy.

Ansis failed to pick the lock in the chest, but Almador succeeded. Inside were clothes, a stitched bag, a cloak, and an assortment of coins. We discovered the bag to be a Bag of Holding. This will be put to good use in our travels.

Nadja started hacking the heads off the Goblins. It was unnecessary. A finger or ear is usually good enough as proof for a bounty. There were no specific bounties on these Goblins. She is not putting those heads in our magic sack. Barbarian…

XP: 150 each
Money: Didn’t write down amount. Received extra in later session.
2 x Healing Potion (Ansis, Önundr)
Symbol of Divinity +1 (Önundr)
Bag of Holding (Party)
Dynamic Weapon +2 (Nadja)
Chest (Party)
25 x Arrows (Party)
Axe (Use/Donate to villagers)
Javelin (Use/Donate to villagers)
2 x Shortbows (Use/Donate to villagers)
Short Spear (Use/Donate to villagers)
Tent (Party)
War Pick (Use/Donate to villagers)
Wool Cloak (Party)



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