The First Strands Meet

When there is hot lesian action, there will be a bar fight.

Date: 09/01/2009
Title: The First Strands Meet By ├ľnundr Tyggrason
Regions: Xaraxa, Phaedros

I arrived in Xaraxa, Phaedros. Why the hell have I been sent all the way out here. Every high priest of Hrumnir who looked at my documents have quickly sent me farther and farther away from my beloved home.

At least when I arrived in Xaraxa, I wasn’t sent away immediately. But it’s so boring here and I have no friends.

Today, as I crossed the main square I saw an odd site. A strange-looking fellow (who I later found out was a Deva) was arguing with a tan-skinned woman over religion. Of course I took the side of the Deva and embarrassed the human, who later got herself thrown in jail. I went drinking with the Deva and his Tiefling companion. What a strange traveling pair.

It was stranger still when I later found out that the human woman was also with them. There was a good amount of drinking until the Tiefling spied some Phaedron scornfully looking at her. She went over to his table and seduced his lady-friend in front of everyone.

Needless to say, the chap wasn’t going to have any of that. This began a series of bar fights from one town to the next.

This is way more fun than sitting around a boring temple. Besides it’s much easier to spread the work of Hrumnir on the road than waiting for people to enter the temple.

The Tiefling fascinates me as she claims to worship Bahumat, but it’s plain as day that she has the taint within her. The Deva has been good for debating and an exchange of knowledge. The human has been a bit of a pain, but she can hold her own in battle and in the bar so I guess she’s ok.

XP: 0
Money: 50GP for each player who showed up.



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