Touched By The Hand Of Hrumnir?

Torn asunder and reassembled by chaos.

Date: 05/23/2011
Title: Touched By The Hand Of Hrumnir? By Önundr Tyggrason
Regions: Hralfsted, The Kingspyres, Unknown to the far south

We quickly took down the golem and dwarf after the zealot fled the battle. Navi ran down the corridor and turned to acid as she went to the other side. She located the lever to open the gate. We gave chase, but it was difficult since we were all running. The corridor wound its way deeper into the mountain. There were many choke points for would be attackers, but no one was defending the abandoned town anymore. It emptied into the residential area.

We made some frantic searches. Renardo’s keen eyes spotted some blood along a window sill. We found a trail that went in and out of buildings to make us lose time. It eventually went down a flight of stairs. The made for the stairs. More blood. After five twists we found an old storage space. The other side had large stone double doors. Navi could detect magic on the door that was not active and magic on the other side that was what we were looking for.

Demyan checked for traps. Nothing. He opened the right door half way. Someone tried to push back. It was time for battle. Almador threw open the other door. The zealot was standing on a teleportation circle with boxes on top of parts of it. He rolled up his scroll and stepped forward with his hammer. Our previous battle continued.

Almador ran into the room to be on the other side. He was pushed back to the circle. A familiar odor greeted him. It was the same smell he had in the dwarven mines before the firelings blew up several crates of explosive powder that caused us all to almost fall to our deaths! A brazier was set in the middle. Each box had a soaked cord coming out of it. Almador’s extensive knowledge of teleportation made it clear destroying a teleportation circle does bad things to time and space. He cut the cords from the boxes. The zealot saw what he was doing and reengaged him. The swordmage made a wild swing with his long sword and hit a crate.

The wooden side broke spilling powder all over him and the floor. He moved back, but it didn’t matter. The crazy dwarf calmly took out a piece of flint and struck it against the head of his hammer. It ignited the powder.

I’m not sure what happened after that. All I know is that we all should have died. The figure on top of my rod glowed brightly. Everything was like liquid gold. We were somehow… removed from what was happening and deposited… somewhere else. It was crushingly painful. All was dark and dusty. My body ached and burned with excruciating pain. My clothes were constricting my limbs. Everything was wrong. Someone was moving near me. I called out. Navi and Demyan responded. Navi scavenged the floor and found a potion. She found a dying body and fed it a (thankfully) healing potion. It was Renardo. My hands came across a sunrod. It worked. Now we had light. Almador also laid, but I could not find a potion. There were any on my belt. For that matter, my belt was missing as were my clothes. I seemed to be wearing parts of everyone’s clothes. We all were. Much of our gear was scattered throughout the room fused together at random. Some of our items were ok, including all our magical stuff. There was also plenty of gore. Whatever spared us didn’t spare our two enemies. Someone eventually found a potion and fed it to Almador.

We spent the next several minutes trying to find clothes that would match us. It appeared Renardo court clothes are the only ones that survived as they were. Figures. Almador opened the door of the dusty old house to look outside. It was warm. Much warmer than where we were. It looked like an ancient town. Studying the clear night sky for a few minutes, Almador came back inside. By his calculation of position of the constellations he has been mapping, we are way far to the south. Have we arrived on the southern continent or some other place even further?

There was no time to think about that now. We had to sleep. I took out the exodus knife to make a safe room inside the house. We gathered as much of our enemies’ remains as possible and brought it in with us. Needless to say, we also took anything of value we could find. Renardo kept insisting we send a box of the guy’s remains to the Dagda. It was frustrating to have to explain to him that we don’t do that in dwarven society. He then suggested we disenchant the hammer and send a speck of residuum. Sigh. That is the same. We’ll burn the remains the next day and be done with it.

We’ll have to decide if we want to teleport back to our tower or stay and explore. I do not know if my mother and father live. I dare not issue a sending to them. If they are alive, I hope they are set free. Maybe the Dagda’s fanatic followers will think I perished with their zealot.

It was difficult to sleep with so many unanswered questions and the worries of live that hang upon my existence. When Almador woke after his trance, he saw footprints in and out of the room we appeared.

XP: XP: 1080 each, 50 for snacks
Avalanche Hammer
Fleetrunner Boots
Gauntlets Of Ogre Power
Bloodthread Cloth Armor
Diamond Cincture
Holy Symbol Of Dagda +3
Mask Of The Eye Leech



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