Tower Of Power

Acquiring a wizard's abandoned tower - blessing or curse?

Date: 03/22/2011
Title: Tower Of Power By ├ľnundr Tyggrason
Regions: Mirosh, Phedros

A knock came way too early in the morning. A page from the teleportation offices was sent to fetch Navi, no doubt to grill her about her intentions as a Neheshi. The rest of us (sans the halfling who stayed with his kind) got dressed in our finest and headed to the confederacy’s offices to attempt to lay claim to the tower we’d been living in.

None of us were fluent in Phedran. There was no way we could convince anyone we should own anything in a land where we don’t speak the native language. It was decided the Atrianoi would prove to be the best advocates. We asked around at the large temple in town. A lawyer named Idris offered his assistance. A human in his late 30s/early 40s, he would help with research Phedron law, perform translations, and be an advocate on our behalf. He insisted that we donate the money we’d spend for his services to the church. He came across as an upstanding no nonsense sort of guy. Bribery and skullduggery would get us in some serious trouble. For an additional charge, the Atrianoi would allow us to use their library.

We wasted no time researching. As land holders that would be responsible for the area, we’ll be required to submit to Phedron law. We may have to uphold various decrees. Taxes would be subject to improvements of the area. This took up the entire day.

When we returned to the inn, Demyan informed us he went to gather information. A ship named the Dancing May spotted ghost lights in Crystal bay. The current adjudicator is ill and close to death. Many close to him are jockeying for the position. I hope that doesn’t affect our chances of getting a land title.

At dinner, Almador sat with his eladrin companions. He must’ve said something to piss off Salandara. She abruptly left the table shortly after starting their meal. Our friend seemed satisfied, the cook seemed relieved to have Almador’s companion.

The next morning Almador met with Lahack to ask him to find information about their missing bosun at the dock. Navi was gone from our suite before we got up. She was to spend another day at the teleportation offices. The three of us were also back at our task to get a land title.

Almador was quite charming with the clerk. He was able to convince him of his knowledge of Phedron history (gleamed only yesterday!) and land claims. Before Idris could argue on our behalf to the magistrate, he needed to know many details. Renardo did a great job to conveying what he needed to know (and leave out what he didn’t need to know). Only a follower of Fortuna could um… speak so eloquently… Unfortunately, the magistrate was booked the remainder of the day. Besides, it was approaching dinner time and Almador had to be there for another session with the sea witch.

Demyan went to the docks seeking rumors. He talked to a Captain Maximillian. He took the sea witch out to the island with the ghost lights. He said he’s been a changed man since, but didn’t elaborate. There were several stories of Salandara going to the docks to warn sailors about the approaching bad weather, though no one could see anything like it on the horizon. She was never wrong. Most are weary of her, especially after she hurt some people who stupidly tried to rob her.

Dinner was uneventful, boring even. We found Demyan at the bar and went out for a good time. He took us to a seedy bar called The Selkie. It was good time. Almador apparently went out with Lahack to try and find us, but our paths never crossed.

I was a bit hung over from all the ale I had the night before. I was having a dream about hammer striking an anvil repeatedly, but it turned out to be someone at the door. A page was summoning me to the teleportation offices. I quickly dressed and went with him. I spent a portion of my day in interviews and was finally given the ok to study the teleportation circle to use in the future. I signed a stack of papers and had to read through all their rules.

Having been here almost four days, this was my first bit of free time. I paid the small dwarven community a visit. I met a likeable forge priest named Oglaf Foundrasson. I was able to trade Hand Of Fate for the Cure Disease ritual. This will come in handy in our travels.

When I returned to The Star, Almador and Renardo were celebrating their ability to convincing whoever they spoke with to see the magistrate the next day. Demyan didn’t turn up any more information. Shortly after Almador sat down for dinner with him usual companions, he got up and approached Navi. To our surprise, Almador asked her to sit at their table.

It became apparent there was a contest of wills between Salandara and Navi. The Neheshi caster not only held her own, she seemed to excel in some area of magic. The sea witch was most impressed. She seemed much more relaxed and was even friendlier toward Almador.

We returned to The Selkie again, this time with Almador and Lahack. Sadly, we were tossed out when Fortuna’s chosen started a fight over a card game.

Before the others got up, I spent an hour praying to Hrumnir to guide our words so we may succeed in our meeting with the magistrate. The three of us met up is Idris as usually and went to our meeting. To our dismay, we were sent to the see the sub-magistrate; however, Idris lobbied so hard that he was assured the land title would be sign to us (Almador, Renardo, me). The first citizen of Hofstrens will have to write a report in a year’s time to access what we have done. The more improvement, the less in taxes we pay. We paid the clerk the 100 gold fee and left in celebration.

We wasted no time the next day hiring a company to oversee improvements for our area. Our list of priorities included draining the swamp, road improvements, and fortifications around the tower. They were also told to hire as many local lads in our area as possible, ensuring employment to those we are now entrusted to look after.

That evening, Salandara wished all of us to join her for dinner. Renardo didn’t say anything too dumb and even managed to get the barest of smiles from her with tales of his homeland. She questioned me extensively about rituals and teleportation. She seemed pleased with what I had to say. We continued to having dinner together for the next few nights.

One night before the Salandara came down for the evening meal, Demyan burst into the inn with an eladrin in tow. He newcomer approached Almador. The greeting was abrupt and matter of fact. He was glad to see Almador alive. This was their missing companion – Vikal. He sailed the seas and believes something bigger is happening. He will not be travelling with us. When the sea witch came down, she told us she’d like a private dinner with only the ship’s crew.

Vikal declined her offer. He argued with Salandara then tossed his bosun whistle to Almador. After that he left. It was as if time stopped. Her anger was palpable in the air. Slowly everyone around them went around their business. She whipped around to our eladrin companion and demanded they go to the portal. He said he’d discuss it with us.

We went spoke about it in private in our suite. It was certainly an option to journey through the Feywild. In any case, it would not be a big deal to take her to the crossing even if we don’t go with her. Our business in Mirosh was complete.

On our way back from The Selkie that night, I received a most alarming sending. “I have your family. Arrive at Hralfsted on the day of chastisement or they die. Your life for their.” The voice was the same as the one who attacked me in Tumbledown! I was barely able to send a response back. The message was immediately relayed to my somewhat drunk companions. Needless to say, it was a sobering moment for all.

We rushed back to the inn where I performed my own sending to my mother. I should have warned her she only gets twenty-five words. She did manage to tell me they were captured three nights ago.

XP: 575 each, 50 for snacks
Land rights to the tower and the surround area (Almador, ├ľnundr, Renardo)



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