Travelling In Style

If only all travelling could be so smooth.

Date: 03/08/2011
Title: Travelling In Style By ├ľnundr Tyggrason
Regions: Hofstrens, Miroshalla, Mirosh, Phedros

We left early in the morning for Mirosh on horse and wagon. Our new Halfling travelling companion’s cart was certainly as fine as the stories told. I didn’t want to be out in the sun and stayed inside with Navi. I napped to the dull sound of the wheels grinding along the road and click-clack of the horses’ hooves for a few hours.

I was rudely awakened by some yelling. Three ragtag young human males with crude weapons were making some sort of demands. I readied my rod from my window vantage to fire warning shots if the need arose. Renardo must’ve scared them off because they decided to turn tail and run. I was just pulling the curtain close when a battle cry erupted. Lady Luck’s fool was after them.

I quickly got out. Navi wasn’t in any hurry to follow. Almador and I exchanged bemused glances before he half-heartedly rode after them at a less than brisk pace. I followed behind in case anyone needed any healing. As I entered the forest, I turned back to see Navi say something to Demyan that caused him to laugh.

By the time I caught up with everyone, Renardo had taken a rather severe beating by those would-be bandits before taking two down and letting the other one escape. He bitched about how to treat bandits and how nobility/lords act all the way back to the wagon. By the time we arrived at Miroshalla, I was glad to escape all the chatter.

I went to the local temple to donate some of my earning to the poor. I spent some time with some of the sick and elderly to ensure their needs were provided. There was even a dwarf in town! He was employed by the Bank of Mirosh and was delighted to see someone of his race. It had been months since he had a chance to speak his native tongue.

We didn’t stay for too long before continuing our journey north. A wide river loomed ahead. There were some humans nearby, probably there to rob travelers, help them across, or both. Demyan had a few words with them and we were given assistance. There was nothing else of note for the rest of the ride to Mirosh.

The guards spoke with Demyan at the gate. I had no idea what they were saying, but the guard’s expression went from cautious to content to very suspicious over the course of the interrogation. In the end, we were angrily waved in with Renardo paying 30 silvers on our behalf.

Almador wanted to immediately head to The Star Inn to seek his shipmates. Before that, we had to park Demyan’s wagon. The halfling stables were in a rather filthy ghetto. A young one made the mistake of putting a hand into our Neheshi’s pockets. He won’t be doing that again anytime soon. She grabbed his wrist and singed it lightly with some acid. He let out a cry and ran off empty-handed.

Navi, Renardo, and I left for the teleportation offices while Demyan accompanied Almador to the inn. The application process was full of tedious, but necessary paperwork. We sent Renardo back to the inn. The rest of our time was spent interviewing with various administrators.

We arrived at the inn early evening. Almador had rented a suite for us. Renardo was having a crying fit of some sort having been informed that his horse died. Now that we were all assembled in private, Almador informed us that he received a message when he made our sleeping arrangements. The sea witch from his ship left him a magical missive letting him know when she took her dinner at the inn.

All of us went down to the common room an hour before her dinner time to keep watch. Demyan ate by himself at the bar while we had our own table. Bread, meats, and soup were brought, covered by what we paid for the suite. Navi reached into her robes and pulled out a dagger to cut the bread. Renardo recognized it as the dagger he’d been missing for hours. She returned it with a sly smile. If I didn’t know better, she probably stole it to cut his heart out if he came with reach in the middle of the night.

Almador come down at the designated time. He spotted his companion’s table. The exchanged greetings and waited for a third. Lahack, the ship’s cook arrived. More greetings were exchanged before their meal. Almador later informed us that she, Salandara, had found a fey passage far to the northeast that led to the Feydark, but that would probably be too dangerous. She was impressed with Almador’s ability to stay alive, manage to find a fey passage, secure a writ of passage from the eladrin on the other side, slay some dragons. No decision was to be made until their final companion would arrive. When she was satisfied, our friend came over and asked us to meet his shipmates.

It was obvious Salandara was in charge. The half-elven cook was clearly afraid of her and bowed before her words. She made a comment to Navi about having “titan blood”. Interesting. I’m not sure what that means… yet. After a brief conversation, she had no further use of us.

XP: 360 each, 50 for snacks, 50 for someone else writing wiki entries



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