What is the Sickening place?!

After we all rested in the space provided by our Exidous knife, it was mid morning. Despite how abandoned the ruins look, while we rested something had been in the hut. What ever it was, it left little trace, just enough that we know it was there.

The hut appears to have have been over grown by the vegetation for what could be centuries. We examined the hut closely and only found some figures carved into the well fit stone work. It also appears that there were more carvings around the doorway, but they have been completely defaced. After searching a few of the other surrounding huts, similar carvings and defacement were discovered. We don’t know if these carvings hold any special meaning.

We appear to be in some ancient city. There is a main road in ruins, but it is strange that the vegetation doesn’t grow well through it, what little there is is dead and wilted. The sounds of the jungle surrounding us are distant, like something is keeping the wildlife away. It is unnerving.

There is a hill to the east where it appears that the top is shaved off. Trying to look at it makes any of us with magical abilities sick. What ever it is that is there or not there, it is wrong.

We agreed that we need to move on, we are most likely under someone surveillance, and how ever we got here, it was not natural, so staying here would not be wise. We can not take the body parts from the avenger with us in a place like this, and we can not simply leave them. Onundr would not allow it. Using the collapsed roof of one of the huts we build a funeral pire and began burning the body. The air does not move much and a large column of smoke began to rise. It was not long until we drew unwanted attention.

This is a blasphemous place. We were surrounded be the undead. The first that were upon us were archer skeletons. I had hardly a moment to react before right out of the ground in front of me rose a stony skeleton. I took cover by teleporting behind a wall were one of the archer skeletons were. I could hear that me comrades were also engaged and when i looked around there were two large undead skeletons that appeared to be part ogre and part horse. What ever created them has no reverence for the dead. The battle did not last long as these undead were weak and fell easily. I fear that this is only the beginning of something much worse to come.

Onundre and Navi have a ritual that allows one to take the head of the dead and see the last few moments of their life. Its an abomination, but they used it on one of the skeleton archers. What ever Navi saw after performing the ritual upset her greatly. She would not say much other than death was here. She began to immediately draw a teleportation circle on the ground before her. After she explained a little more of her vision to Onundre, he began to assist her with urgency.

As they completed the circle, this place began to oppress us more than it already was. Something brought us here and had no desire to let us leave. The portal opened and the sight beyond was not of Mirosh as it was supposed to me, but of some blacked ruined city. Something on the other side saw us and began to run at us with hunger. The portal snapped shut, removing the tip of Navi’s finger, just before the creature could make it through.

Our escape was blocked and once again, we were engaged by the undead. A regiment of undead solders was advancing on our position.



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