fire Socerer.


Oh, the sexually and morally ambiguous Rahzek.

Rahzek has the perfect features of a young elf, the maturity of a young human and the intelligence of a left designer label shoe.

His heritage and raw arcane talent allowed him a suitable position in the Golden Flames. A rank he quickly abandonded after one drink with his Targets.

Armed with destructive fire spells and equipped with a wardrobe of custom yet ineffective “Battle suits;” Rahzek proved his true worth when it came to social interactions. A talent his companions needed more then the spectacle that always came with it.

Rahzek single-handedly took out an entire fortress of his former comrades when they refused to return land to the rightful villagers. He also can boast an impressive record of thwarting antagonists, defeating corrupted nature, other plane travel and lavish disregard for money. Usually all end in a smoldering mess.

Love him or hate him- when Rahzek is happy, everybody is happy. And Rahzek is always happy.


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