Niar Broadleaf

Mortal hand of Korash


Favored soul of Korash

Approximately balanced between healing and destructive magical power.


Niar is a founding member of [[Hyoden]]

Worships [[Korash]] above the rest of the rest of the [[Elven Pantheon]]. Eventually Niar built a following of rather extremist elves that shared his belief that the Drow must be eradicated.

Around this time, Niar broke a little inside and ran off to help the Korshuela destroy the Drow menace. Initially he set out to find allies for the Korshuela, but came to realize that the Elves were basically going to have to do this on their own.

One day Niar, his followers, and many of the highest ranking Korshuela traveled deep into the plane of Shadow, never to be heard from again.

Niar Broadleaf

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