Non-magical Tank and font of Battle-buffs


Ranger/Barbarian/Dread Commando/Rogue/Shadow Dancer

two weapon focus favored enemy: drow


Ha’az was the only survivor of his tribe of nomadic, albino, human, barbarians on the plane of Shadow. After his tribe was wiped out by the Drow, he was raised by a small group of rangers that taught him to hunt and destroy the reviled dark elves.

As he grew older he fell in with the paramilitary guard unit of a larger trading city on the plane. This is where he learned about small group tactics. When he realized he was too much of a wild soul to stay working for such a rigid group he moved on to mercenary security work.

One night between contracts he saved/was saved by Asra, who showed him that there are some Drow that are not evil. The two began traveling together under a pact of mutual protection. Soon after this, they were captured by the Korshuela, and offered the chance to help defeat the growing Drow threat to the Prime Materia.

As a tracker, and tactician, Ha’az quickly proved his value to [[Hyoden]].


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