Adonael Traviir

A male elf conjurer, the apprentice of Drashiden Sa'Eranol


Adonael is an adult male elf of Content Not Found: house-traviir that has spent much of his life as the dedicated apprentice of Drashiden Sa’Eranol.

Through his association with Drashiden and his paramour Valonna Sel’Maastiva Adonael is indirectly involved in the deep politics of the Masters of the Content Not Found: academy-arcane.

Content in his research Adonael rarely left the confines of the Academy for several decades, until he made a trip into the Content Not Found: greenfang to assist the [[:free company|free company]] Content Not Found: hyoden on an errand for his master. While traveling with them Adonael became more aware of the possibilities his powers offered and met Aka Minyan whom he later began a romantic relationship with. Through his involvement with Hyoden and Aka, he also became aware of and involved with the Content Not Found: korshuela and their fight against the Content Not Found: drow.

Adonael Traviir

Wayward Thantastic