Almador Calusa


Almador is a 6ft tall Eladrin. He is slender, with long appendages and digits. He has long silver hair. Not silver in the way humans have gray hair, but his hair actually appears to look like finely spun stands of metal.

He speaks Elvin and common. Both with a thick accent that anyone who has not been to the feywilds would have a difficult time placing.

He uses a Flesh Seeking Longsword as his weapon of choice. He is lightly armored with Bloodcut Leather Armor. Over that he dons a Cloak of the Walking Wounded. His hands are covered with Gauntlets of Blood.


Almador was born in the Feywilds and grew up on the east coast of the great east continent. As such, he is one of the first generation of fey-born Eladrin. He was born just after the end of the first great cycle into the House of Calusa, a member of the Great House of Yolanthe. The Calusa are a Elvin House who lived on the coast and among the islands to the east and southeast of the great continent. Calusa society developed from that of archaic elves of the Cahal Anwess; at the time of Shattering, the Calusa were the people of the Caloosahan’we culture. They were notable for having developed a complex culture based on estuarine fisheries and seafaring rather than agriculture.

Almador was the second son of Avarill and Nahalem. Due to his standing in the family as second heir and the end of the great cycle, Almador was free to pursue a life not dictated by political traditions. He began learning a trade as an apprentice in the shipbuilding industry. Eventually he grew tired of life in his small hamlet and ventured to Far Vallathoe looking for work. His knowledge of shipbuilding helped to land him jobs on merchant ships. For a while this life of traveling from port to port as a crew member was quite satisfying. Almador spent many years on a variety of ships and met many interesting folk, but by far Irwindale was the most intriguing. At first appearance Irwindale was just an old sea-Elf, while it was fairly rare to find a pure Elf on Eladrin merchant ships, it was not completely unheard of. For the most part Almador did not take much interest in Irwindale, it was quite the other way around. Irwindale noticed how, in everyday tasks, Almador displayed well above average intelligence. Almador mostly kept to himself, so Irwindale would occasionally pay one of the other shipmates to bother Almador just to see how he would handle it. When in port, Irwindale would follow Almador to pubs and pay locals to start fights with him. It was quickly obvious that Almador could not only handle himself well, but had a way of controlling his opponents in a fight to his advantage. This only furthered to garner Irwindale’s interest in Almador and motivated him to share his knowledge of the old Elvin Magic.

Irwindale approached Almador and offered to teach him what he could and Almador was eager to learn. For the next ten years they traveled together. Through a combination of Irwindale’s lessons and the semi-frequent opportunities brought about by pirate attacks, Almador’s skill with the sword, natural ability with close combat tactics, and aptitude for magic grew at an accelerated rate. It was not long before he was no longer being hired for his shipbuilding skills but instead for his ability to provide security on merchant ships.

In time Almador grew restless with the same ports and the same routes year after year. So, he took a job on the barque “Lurien’s Flame.” There are many rumors about this ship business, which was only truly known to the crew and its owner. Even the identity of the owner was a well guarded secret and also subject to many rumors. The only things that were known for sure by the public was that the ship would only return to port every 5 years, and often only carrying a few of the same crew that it left with. Those who did return had an unbreachable loyalty to the secrecy of the ship’s mission. When it came time for the ship to set out again, it advertised that it was looking for crew members that were highly skill in both fighting and ship maintenance. Perfect for Almador.

Irwindale and Almador parted ways, this was not the direction that Irwindale saw himself going, but knew that this was exactly where Almador needed to go.

After 5 days on the open ocean, the new crew members were informed of the ship mission. They were to investigate phenomenon that seemed unnatural, even for the Feywilds. This particular mission was set to go north into the Crystaldeep. A sea know for its natural violence. The ship sailed for 2 months up the eastern coast and around the Crystalcape. Once around the cape it was immediately apparent that this sea did not welcome ships, even on a calm clear day, the sea rolled with 20’ swells. It was still a week’s travel directly toward the center of the Deep before they could see what they came to investigate. In the distance was a massive Tempest that did not travel. Its heart was black and only illuminated by frequent flashes of blue and pink lightning. Any other ship would have immediately turned back, even at this great distance the swells were beginning to grow. The size of the tempest was not fully appreciated by the crew until another week of sailing directly toward it had past and its size had not appeared to grow as one would expect. A week’s sailing did not make it appear any closer and it was then that the crew began to understand how massive it was. They knew that they were getting closer due to the swells reaching 40’. All of this began to make the crew very uneasy. Some of the new crew wanted to turn back, but it was made clear to them that this ship was only going one place, and that was the center of the storm.

Lurien’s Flame never made it to its goal. The storm produced 50-60’ high seas that the ship could only endure for a few days. After that her haul’s integrity was compromised and her mast was split but multiple lightning strikes. The crew knew that when the mast was hit for the 5th time in under a minute that there was nothing at all natural about this storm, someone was in control and did not welcome visitors. The ship was wrecked.

Almador awoke tangled in the rigging from the ship and stuck on a spar floating in the shallows of a small island in the Kristanexessi, the Crystal Bay north of Phedros. He made his way to shore and found passage to the main continent. It was immediatly apparent that he was no longer in the Feywilds. There were two other survivors from his ship; the cook, Penryn, and the deck captain, Tyax. They split up any valuables they could find in the wreckage and decided to part ways. If any of them were to find their way back to the Feywilds, they were to seek out the owner of the Flame, tell them of her demise, and send rescue for the others.

Almador Calusa

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