Don Renardo di Cotruva

Fourteenth son of the Duke of Cotruva, Blade of the Goddess Fortuna


Rogue/Paladin of Tarlin Hybrid.


Background p. Renardo was born into the noble house of Cotruva, a tiny state founded by Sorian adventurers on the southern coast, west of the Green Fang. Cotruva’s wealth comes from olives, wine, and silver mining, along with sea trade with Shumanpoor. After brief service in the Cotruvan navy, from which he was expelled after being caught in flagrante delicto with an admiral’s second wife, Renardo decided the drudgery of the military and the machinations of his conniving, murderous siblings were not for him. He stuck out northward in search of polite society, delicious food, and danger. So far, he’s only found the third, although he’s having a lot of fun anyway. Renardo is a paladin of Tarlin, whom he calls “Fortuna,” and like many of her followers, his method of following his chosen profession is less than conventional.

History with the Party p. Renardo joined the group shortly after Nadja van Oostendorf’s abrupt departure. The group was therefore understandably cautious in receiving him, initially hiring him as a mercenary before inviting him to join as a full member. He made an odd first impression as well, introducing himself to the group by approaching the First Citizen of the Phaedran town in which they were staying and requesting that the First Citizen present the party with a flowery letter of introduction.

Don Renardo di Cotruva

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