Reyoki Arras

A male half-elf necromancer that formerly travelled with Hyoden, and is now serving the Tochlandish crown.



Reyoki was one of the founding members of [[Hyoden]], traveling with them since their earliest days helping track down bandits on the trade road from Content Not Found: cedarleaf into the Elven territories. After two years of adventures, he died attempting to leave Content Not Found: holding after members of Hyoden were implicated in the assassination of the crown prince of [[Tochland]] during the Content Not Found: crown-tournament.

After his death, Reyoki was returned to life by clerics of Content Not Found: atrian to stand trial for the assassination. He quickly implicated Aka, Asra, Ha’az, Salof, and Katja as conspirators to kill the prince, and for his confession and punishment was bound to obey the commands of the king or his representatives.

He is currently known to be training a crop of wizards for the Tochlandish crown, which could dramatically change the balance of power in the kingdom and across human lands. There are several prominent members of the Content Not Found: academy-arcane- including [[:Grayvin Solamnir|Master Gray]], his former teacher- who advocate killing Reyoki and anyone involved in that project to prevent the practice of wizardry from taking root in human culture.


Reyoki was anti-social, dark, withdrawn and generally unpleasant. Aside from his behaviour, he frequently suffered the effects of a strange malady that left him gaunt, malnourished and coughing up discolored sputum. His usefulness in dangerous situations and the infrequent benefits of his blunt manner were all that kept him tolerated by his companions.

Aka was the sole exception to this. There was a sort of understanding between them, and moments of near tenderness after particularly jarring events. Aka has confided in a few people that she was probably Reyoki’s only friend, and is concerned she will one day have to kill him.

When it comes to his familiar, Content Not Found: willow however, Reyoki is absolutely doting. She scampers about his robe, and he often feeds her bits of fruit or dried meats almost absentmindedly.

Reyoki Arras

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