The Crematory
Q: How many Goblins does it take to fill a latrine?

Date: 01/05/2010
Title: The Crematory By Önundr Tyggrason
Regions: Hastrons, Mikal’s Farm, Olophanes’ House, Phaedros

After making the necessary purchases with our meager funds, we were ready to leave begin our next mission. Thayon generously gave us 2 healing potions. He also gave me a bag.

Inside the bag was a holy symbol. It was carved with the symbol of several gods I recognized, and some I didn’t. The gods seemed to all be non-destructive deities. I informed me, ‘in times of need, aid is never more than a prayer away.’ I thanked him and boarded the wagon.

Mikal, his sons, and the rest of us drove the wagons back to their farm, where we were once again allowed the privilege of sampling his wife’s delicious cooking. I don’t know about anyone else, but I slept quite well that night.

As dawn appeared above the horizon, we set off to the house of horrors. I spotted a lynx watching us from a distance, but it did not approach. While riding through the woods, Nadja noticed a some smoke coming from the direction of Olophanes’ house. We were too far away to determine if the smoke was from a campfire, near the house, or from the house itself.

After much debate, Almador tied up the horses while Nadja scouted ahead. The house had been on fire and was now smoldering. Much of it was destroyed. Only some of the stonework was intact.

The human’s eyes were sharp enough to spot some goblins among the shabby tents they erected nearby. She also spied a large dog. Not wanted her scent to be picked up by the beast, she snuck back to our location to inform us of her findings.

Our course of action was to CHARGE! Vile vermin must be eradicated! When we arrived, we found 4 Goblins and some weird, unhealthy-looking Goblin. They were dispatched without much trouble. The sickly goblin might have been infected by a taint? Not sure. Whatever was happening to it wasn’t natural.

The house was in terrible shape. Almost everything that could be set afire was gone. Much of the stonework was scorched and/or crumbling. The tower was most resilient, but still not possible to reach the top floor. A pile of rubble covered the trapdoor to the basement. Not sure if the basement collapsed, but the Goblins appeared to have been digging over it.

We searched the area while keeping our eyes on the surrounding area. It looked like there were probably more of them, as evident by the latrine filled with more shit than these 4 greenies could possibly produce in a few days. There was also a set of large wolf prints. Guess it probably wasn’t a dog. Dire wolf maybe?

We managed to gather the useful things to one location. There was a chest, some books the (probably) Goblins set aside, a crappy tent, poorly made weapons, and a magical dagger. The dagger was thought to be an axe, but it was really dagger that can change shape in battle. Handy.

Ansis failed to pick the lock in the chest, but Almador succeeded. Inside were clothes, a stitched bag, a cloak, and an assortment of coins. We discovered the bag to be a Bag of Holding. This will be put to good use in our travels.

Nadja started hacking the heads off the Goblins. It was unnecessary. A finger or ear is usually good enough as proof for a bounty. There were no specific bounties on these Goblins. She is not putting those heads in our magic sack. Barbarian…

XP: 150 each
Money: Didn’t write down amount. Received extra in later session.
2 x Healing Potion (Ansis, Önundr)
Symbol of Divinity +1 (Önundr)
Bag of Holding (Party)
Dynamic Weapon +2 (Nadja)
Chest (Party)
25 x Arrows (Party)
Axe (Use/Donate to villagers)
Javelin (Use/Donate to villagers)
2 x Shortbows (Use/Donate to villagers)
Short Spear (Use/Donate to villagers)
Tent (Party)
War Pick (Use/Donate to villagers)
Wool Cloak (Party)

Arrival At Hastrons
Bards and peasant daughters don't mix even when a fell taint is involved.

Date: 12/01/2009
Title: Arrival At Hastrons By Önundr Tyggrason
Regions: Olophanes’ House, Mikal’s Farm, Hastrons, Phaedros

We searched the bedroom next to the orrey. After a fruitless search, it was time to ascended the ladder to the roof. The astrological scrawling on the walls continued with our ascent. Thankfully, there were no more creatures outside. The sky showed 2 bright starts. The red star possibly signified Balor. And the blue… The Wanderer? Uncertain of what this meant (if anything), we went back downstairs to the orrey.

Piro recovered enough to move. He was clearly shaken and wanted to leave. Some of the others wanted to stay for probably less honorable reasons. I sided with the lad and asked him about possible tomes we might take with us to support our case. Either he wasn’t sure, wasn’t in the mood to tell us, both. In the end, it was too difficult to discern what might be useful. We packed up a bunch of books and left the rest behind.

We felt justified taking the old man’s horse as he had no further use for her. She was attached to the wagon where most of us rode. The return trip to Mikal’s was thankfully uneventful.

We arrived in the morning and told the family what happened. Before we turned in for the day, Mikal sent one of his sons ahead to Hastrons to inform them of our arrival later that evening. Syas, being the fool that he was, must’ve done something to anger Mikal as he was driven off before we awoke at dusk. Sad. I liked that man and his ability to sing Dwarven songs. May Hrumnir allow our paths to cross again.

Mikal’s wife cooked us a delicious meal of quail. We were also given a nice seat to put on the wagon for more comfortable seating. Off we went with Mikal and Piro.

The following day will be Market Day. About 350-400 people should be around the small town tonight.

Important people in town not mentioned in earlier entry:
Fisichaeus: Lives nominally in town. He travels a lot. He supplies the town as well as 2 towns to the south and 3 to the north. He is the wealthiest man and is known for his imports. He also carries letters for people from town to town. His home is on the outskirts.
Ephemaia: She is the best weaver in the area.
Stephan: The town drunk. He lives on the charity of the Shrine of Atrian. We should stay away from him. All of his scars are from the Lightbringer War (War against the Tieflings).

As we approached this poor excuse for a well-laid out town, we could see that the homes and buildings were thrown up with no regard for efficiency or reason. Only 2 buildings were 2 stories tall. One was Ibros’ home. The other was our destination – the inn. Like all other towns we’ve entered, we caused quite a stir.

Our party entered the inn. It was quite crowded. There were possibly a hundred people present. A hush accompanied our entry followed by the expected staring, mostly at my companions. Mikal found his son Leus and was informed that the arbiter would arrive after dinner.

Maybe it was the day prior to Market Day or maybe it was because people were curious about the incoming freakshow, but people seemed friendlier to me here than most towns I passed in the past several months. No one knew what to do with Ansis, but stare like idiots. I wonder how many lads lost their wallets while gaping at us. Nadia made herself unnoticed while Gal was met with hostile glances.

Some rough-looking humans went to hassle Gal, but all they ended up doing was making asses of themselves as she deftly (and gracefully) put them into compromising situations that endeared her to the crowd.

The door opened, spilling light into the room, causing everyone to stop what they were doing. Two men entered – one in a robe, the other with a crutch and missing arm. The cripple, Stephen, spit at Gal’s feet as he passed her. He was swiftly reprimanded by the companion, Thayon.

Mikal did the honors and introduced us. He spoke on our behalf about our deeds.

In the meantime, none of us saw Nadia slip out to check out the church. The modest structure could hold 50 people. A light was burning at the base of a tower – the sign of a good Atrianist. She returned to the inn afterward, slipping in unseen.

Piro testified that Olophanes had become more and more withdrawn over the last year. We were then questioned in turn. None of us lied though some of us were more forthcoming than others when it came to details.

Thayon’s conclusion was that Olophanes was no longer human and not connected to the town anymore. We happened to be at the right place to be of assistance to the town. A smart move on Thayon’s part, to have this situation presented in front of everyone in town and to defuse the prejudices of simple minds.

He declared that food, lodging, and drinks would be on the church of Atrian tonight. Once the hearing was over, everyone seemed more relaxed. I spoke briefly with Thayon about my concerns regarding the events at Olophane’s house, the orrey, The Wanderer, etc. He too was concerned and asked if I (and my companions) would be interested going back to make sure that the house was clean. I voiced my interest without hesitation. We also unloaded a huge chunk of the tomes we retrieved from the house to Thayon for examination.

When market day arrived the next day, we made a few purchases as a group. See below.

We found out some rumors around town. —There is a ruined tower of a Neheshi Wizard nearby. It might be haunted. —Almador heard some crazy thing about a nixie (water spirit) in some woods. A good lot that’ll do us.

I convinced everyone to agree to head back to Olophane’s house soon.

XP: 0
Money: 7GP, 5SP each from Syas’ share
Olophanes’ Horse (Party though Nadja would like to claim it is hers)
1 Draft House (-11GP each)
1 Wagon (-4GP each)
Climbing Gear

The Boy And The Orrey
If a barn full of taints wasn't enough, make more from boy juices.

Date: 11/17/2009
Title: The Boy In The Orrey By Önundr Tyggrason
Regions: Olophanes’ House, Phaedros

We left the lab and went back to the stairs. Almador unlocked the trapdoor with the key from the lab. A faint scent of ozone greeted our noses when the door was opened. He commanded the floating lantern to illuminate the room before hoisting himself up. No enemies came at him.

We quickly entered the room. Notations covered the walls like the first floor, but the handwriting was messier. Words seemed to be missing in some places. Parts looked incomplete or perhaps partially defaced. Moaning could be heard through the door on the right with the orrey.

We hurried over and threw the door open. A horrific scene greeted us. Piro was suspended in the middle of the orrey by some sort of harness that was draining his life force through tubes and whatever else was in him.

Fell taints appeared. We dispatched them this time without too much trouble. Time is of the essence, but we’re unsure how to stop the machine and save the farmer’s boy. It was obvious the contraption was slowly killing him. More taints materialized. Nadja and I spent less time fighting and more time scanning the room for clues about the machine. She spotted a glowing orb that was probably The Wanderer. I shot at it, but that did nothing. We all tried to use whatever meager skills we had to solve the riddle of the death orrey.

Ansis spied a panel on the back of the machine and broke it open. He flipped the switch inside that caused a quarter of the orrey’s interior to stop spinning. Almador tried to feystep into the middle to retrieve the boy, but that only shunted him into a corner. After more speculation, Nadja came to the conclusion that jamming her polearm into the orrey to stop its rotation would save Piro.

Wrong! It did stop the orrey, but it also drained Piro! The orbs and constellations in the orrey glowed brightly. A trapdoor at the top of the ladder in the corner opened. Nadja detected a bit of life in Piro. She was able to disconnect him and drag him away from the orrey before pulling her polearm out.

A severely disfigured thing came down the ladder. It might have once been humanoid. It summoned more taints and spoke menacingly at us. We didn’t hold back what little strength was left. In the end, the creature and its minions were sent back to whatever foul plane they belong. The vile creature was most likely what was left of Olophanes.

XP: 708 each
Money: 36GP, 6SP, 6CP each
2 x Healing Potions (Ansis, Önundr)
Gauntlets of Ogre Power (Gal)
125gp of Residuum (Önundr)
Rituals: Enchant Magic Item (L4-175gp) (Nadja), Make Whole (L1-50) (Önundr)
Large collection of about the movement of the stars (Party)

Insert Fell Taint Jokes
Insert fell taint jokes. What more did you expect?

Date: 10/13/2009
Title: Insert Fell Taint Jokes By Önundr Tyggrason Via Recap
Regions: Olophanes’ House, Phaedros

[Not present at game.]

The fight in the barn was hard fought. Everyone fumbled their attacks. Our spells and swings were wide off the mark. In the end we achieved victory. The creatures were Fell Taints from the far realm.

Loud noises came from the house. We broke down the front door. Remnants of a battle were evident. Vanquished Fell Taints and blood were all over the foyer. We paused for a moment to await the victor from the battle. When none emerged, Almador cautiously advanced through the doorway into the hall. He ascended the stairwell to the the trapdoor at the top of the stairs. Not surprisingly, it was locked.

There was another room off the hallway. It did not look like any battles had occurred. A quick search revealed a hidden trapdoor. Ansis checked it for traps. He didn’t find any. It seemed obvious that we should be heading up the house instead of into its basement, but maybe whoever screamed hid underground.

As is often becoming the case, Almador led the way into probably danger. Pretty brave for an elf. There was a single chamber that acted as an alchemist’s laboratory. There were many interesting instruments, specimens, tomes, etc. Alamdor spotted a magical cloak and donned it. It didn’t take long before we were attack by some Homunculi, the lab’s guardians.

It was difficult to fight in such cramped quarters. I couldn’t set off anything big without hitting my companions and/or destroying potentially valuable items and information. The fight ended in our favor. We scoured the room for useful items. Along with a few magical items, a key was located. With a little luck, it will open the trapdoor at the top of the stairs.

XP: 0
Amulet of Protection +1 (Gal)
Cloak of the Walking Wounded (Almador)
Key (Almador)
Reading Spectacles (Nadja)
Rod of Time Distortion +1 (Önundr)

Fighting Learning Curve And Astronomer
Don't piss off the crazy old man with your ignorance.

Date: 09/29/2009
Title: Fighting Learning Curve And Astronomer By Önundr Tyggrason
Regions: Kruthiks’ Cave, Mikal’s Farm, Olophanes’ House, Phaedros

We listened outside the cave. Wet slurping sounds greeted our ears. No one wanted to be the first to go into that death cave, so we convinced Syas to take a peek. He spied some winged creatures eating the bag of offal we tossed in. The change in the dim light must have alerted them. They flew further into the cave, disappearing from his sight.

I was able to discern from Syas’ description that these must be Stirges, foul mosquito-like creatures that breed in swamps. Luckily for us, we’re too far north for them to nest or we’d be in real trouble. You don’t want a swarm of them stinging you to death then laying eggs to make your carcass a pile of meat for their young.

We didn’t have much choice but to go into the hole. Syas threw a sunrod in. We all squeezed into the cave. The mouth was a tight fit. Almador led the way toward the sunrod and saw a Kruthik scamper away.

Too late, it was a trap. 2 Stirges dropped from the ceiling and attacked. We defeated several Stirges and Kruthik, including a fiercesome Kruthik leader that could burrow through the walls. The final chamber had various items. My companions smashed all of the Kruthik eggs. I wouldn’t say that the most heroic thing to do, but I suppose necessary to protect the farmers.

There was also a half-eaten corpse. This was probably the fool who went searching for the source of the problem a few days back. No sign of any livestock. Maybe they taste better than human flesh. His corpse had a few coins and a healing potion. A suspended magic lantern illuminated the cavern. Gal took the potion and Almador the lantern.

We brought the remains of the Kruthik leader and dead human back to to Mikal’s farm.

Mikal congratulated us and was kind enough to give us hot baths to wash away the stench. This was followed by a delicious feast. Syas sang a ballad he composed about our adventure.

We talked about many topics late into the night. Mikal would be happy to be a reference when we make it to town. Here are the important townsfolk in Hastrons.

Ascalaus – Innkeeper. He knows everyone. He has 3 sons and 1 daughter who help him run the inn.
Ibros – He was an Illucidus (Phaedron Alderman/Teacher) – Leader at a think tank and current First Citizen. He is well-liked and and respected.
Notker Eische – Procature who enforces order. He won’t introduce us to him. He is also the smith. 3rd generation Tochlander.
Thayon – New Atrian Arbiter within 3 months. He replaced Father Kalon after his death.

Gal asked about jobs. Mikal said Olophanes might have something for us. His estate is a day’s ride away. People shun him because some think he is a witch. Piro is one of the few people who goes to help him out. He will leave the next day. We decided to accompany him.

We were allowed to sleep inside the house. Before going to bed, Mikal had a stern talk with Syas. He must’ve seen him eyeing his daughter Anica when he sang of our deeds.

On our journey, we asked Piro about Olophanes. According to the boy, Olophanes is a rich old man well into his sixties. He spends his evenings looking at the stars through a telescope. He is great at predicting the weather. He had a past with Father Kalon. It had something to do with the Father’s daughter not “keeping the faith”.

We rode through the hills before it gave way to woods. Piro looked a bit nervous. The path we followed was ideal for an ambush. His fears were unfounded as nothing happened. The woods gave way to a clearing with a large mound in the middle. At its apex was a 2 story house. There were no trees on the hill and it was eerily quiet. A figure on the second floor observed us. He only moved away from the window when Piro looked up at the window, waved, and began unpacking the cart.

I offered to help unpack. Piro instructed us to wait and went to the house. He spoke with an old man before returning to tell us Olophanes wasn’t going to accept visitors. We would never make it back to Mikal’s farm or to Hastrons before dark. To show his graciousness, we were allowed to stay in the field for the night. What a waste of time.

I didn’t like the feeling I was getting from the old man and his house. I busied myself by chopping wood and doing whatever I could to help Piro.

Gal and Syas went to the house to try and talk to Olophanes. They somehow managed to get inside. They were asked if they saw a certain star – The Wanderer. Syas impressed him by knowing a little about this heavenly object. He said it’s only been in the sky for the last 3 days. We were unsure how he could have seen it the last 2 nights as they had been extremely cloudy over this area. They were told to return at night to be shown the star.

I passed the time by asking Piro about bandits. A while back, some of them tried to attack Olophanes’ house, but they all ended up dead. Maybe the old man isn’t half as feeble as he appeared. A caster or alchemist perhaps? I helped him make some stew and told Almador to be alert.

Once the sky was dark enough, the boy called Syas and Gal. I have no idea what the hell Almador was thinking, but he went too. I wasn’t thrilled to lose a good fighter when watching for bandits. Apparently Olophanes wasn’t pleased either. He inquired about where the Eladrin hailed. Almador seemed confused about where he was or how he got to his current location. He knew a bit about the stars in a place called the Feywild, but not the way the stars under this sky were different.

The old man allowed them all to enter his home. He spoke again of The Wanderer. This was a star that appeared once every 50 years. They ascended some stairs and entered a room with a giant orrey.

Many constellations were represented in the machine. Almador recognized some that he had seen in heavens of the Feywild, but had not seen them since his arrival. He was allowed to view The Wanderer through the telescope. The crazy old man didn’t like it when he asked what “the star means”. In his fit of rage, he threw my three companions out. Only the farmer’s son stay with him after the door was shut and barred.

Nothing more could be done so we slept in the barn (instead of the field).

A thunderous clap woke us in the night as creatures materialized in the barn to attack us.

XP: 213 each
Money: 2GP each
Healing Potion (Gal)
Floating Lantern (Almador)

Crossroads And The First Real Battle
Eau du Kruthiks.

Date: 09/15/2009
Title: Crossroads And The First Real Battle By Önundr Tyggrason
Regions: Outside Hastrons around Mikal’s Farm, Phaedros

Almador left the Feywild for the Material Plane. He headed toward the town of Hastrons.

Syas wandered around Phaedros going to Massalikey. The previous night, he slept with a farmer’s daughter and had to make a hasty exit after being caught by the father. He claimed it was her idea, right… He encountered our ragtag group at a crossroad. I noticed his pants were inside-out and made a reference to his drinking. Syas excused himself while we had a good laugh. When he returned, I offered him some drink. He joined our group and sang a Dwarven song while we followed the road.

Further down the road, Nadja spotted someone behind us, gaining. We slowed down and got ready in case the stranger would turn out to be hostile. As he approached, we exchanged greetings and chatted for a bit. Almador was also headed to Hastrons, the next town down the road. It made sense to travel as a group.

A storm rolled in and we needed to find shelter. A farm with a barn was nearby. Syas went to the door and secured us lodging in the barn as well as some food from the farmer (Mikal). The farmer’s son brought us stew. We noticed the holy symbol of Chelea (minor goddess of agriculture) in the barn. Ansis and I gave thanks to her (and Hrumnir of course) for our good fortune.

Mikal came to speak to us later. He told us some of his cattle have been missing. Someone or something had been killing them. He asked for help and someone answered his call. That guy has now been missing 3 days. There was 1 partially eaten cattle corpse on his property. He couldn’t spare any of his farmhands. There was too much work to be done. A few of the other farm nearby were also experiencing a similar problem. With his description, we tossed around some ideas of what manner of creature could have done this. Syas thought it might be Kruthiks. We talked it over and took the job.

The next morning we took 2 bags of offal to the fields by where the cattle carcass was. We lured the creatures out. They were indeed Kruthiks. After defeating the lot, we healed up. The party followed the burrowing tracks back to their lair. None of us wanted to go in, so we tried to set up a trap to lure them to the entrance. They’re smarter than that and we probably reek of their dead relatives.

XP: 79 each

The First Strands Meet
When there is hot lesian action, there will be a bar fight.

Date: 09/01/2009
Title: The First Strands Meet By Önundr Tyggrason
Regions: Xaraxa, Phaedros

I arrived in Xaraxa, Phaedros. Why the hell have I been sent all the way out here. Every high priest of Hrumnir who looked at my documents have quickly sent me farther and farther away from my beloved home.

At least when I arrived in Xaraxa, I wasn’t sent away immediately. But it’s so boring here and I have no friends.

Today, as I crossed the main square I saw an odd site. A strange-looking fellow (who I later found out was a Deva) was arguing with a tan-skinned woman over religion. Of course I took the side of the Deva and embarrassed the human, who later got herself thrown in jail. I went drinking with the Deva and his Tiefling companion. What a strange traveling pair.

It was stranger still when I later found out that the human woman was also with them. There was a good amount of drinking until the Tiefling spied some Phaedron scornfully looking at her. She went over to his table and seduced his lady-friend in front of everyone.

Needless to say, the chap wasn’t going to have any of that. This began a series of bar fights from one town to the next.

This is way more fun than sitting around a boring temple. Besides it’s much easier to spread the work of Hrumnir on the road than waiting for people to enter the temple.

The Tiefling fascinates me as she claims to worship Bahumat, but it’s plain as day that she has the taint within her. The Deva has been good for debating and an exchange of knowledge. The human has been a bit of a pain, but she can hold her own in battle and in the bar so I guess she’s ok.

XP: 0
Money: 50GP for each player who showed up.

Finding a new horizon

The successful attack by Elvish forces on Inkhera allowed a small group of heroes to successfully disrupt the ritual intended to open permanent planar gates and allow the Drow and infernal allies of the Collegium to enter O’ous en masse.

The months and years therafter saw great change wrought on the world, as the gods once more took a more direct hand in the lives of mortals. Schemes, hopes and plans came to fruition or fell apart and a new era of relations between cultures and kingdoms began.

For those at the center of the conflict—the few individuals that were deeply involved in the events leading up to the Shattering—they went their separate ways to find their own, more quiet place in history.

Aka Minyan returned to the Kor’Shuela for a time, but left as the grand masters of the order gathered their remaining forces to follow Niar, the Chosen of Korash into the Shadowfell in pursuit of the drow leadership, who were never heard from again. She brought her talents to the service of the Warmarshal of the elves and helped integrate some Kor’Shuela traditions of fighting into military practice. Eventually, Aka and Adonael were wed, and followed many in the nallath-feyaan to take up residence in the Feywild with the servants of the Elven pantheon.

Asra Nujud had learned much in her travels through the planes, and held great secrets and terrible knowledge. She returned to the holdfast of her people deep in the Astral Sea and received an audience with the reclusive hierarchs of her order. After many cycles she finally emerged, and bound the inner sanctum and all within with mighty wards. She declared to the others there that the time of their seclusion was over, and that the light of their knowledge should no longer be hidden in darkness and obfuscation. With that, she left and none know her fate.

Ha’az was one of the very few non-elves accorded the honor of embarking on the nallath-feyaan. After helping to settle some of the first holdings in the Feywild his exceptional skills earned him a place in the personal service of the Bralani of Autumn, riding with him on the Wild Hunt. Over time, Ha’az’ nature changed with that of his lord, and he became obsessed with riding off after ever more fantastic and deadly beasts. Ha’az helped establish the Court of Autumn and is remembered well in its songs and stories.

Katja moved in and out of prominence during and after the wars, organizing the Sorian populace against first the Tochlandish and then the Neheshi. After the fighting, her ministries and organizations helped many, although she grew increasingly distant from their direct operation. She is mentioned in the periphery of some great events thereafter, always showing up at some turning point or moment of coincidence. The last time she appears in the chronicles with any certainty is some twenty years after the Shattering, awaiting execution in an Atrianoi prison after a conviction for the murder of Thaddeus von Rosenmeer. As the headsman brought the blade down he suffered some fit or seizure, and severed her restraints. The crowd surged forward to assist her escape or tear her limb from limb (the accounts conflict with one another), but she got away in the confusion. A massive manhunt was begun, but to no avail. A body matching her description was later found in a ransacked inn room in the slums, apparently killed in her sleep by a burglar. She had a series of heretical writings on the worship of Tarlan and Kashtar hidden in the lining of her cloak, purporting that “Each is one side of the same coin, and it is only chance that dictates which face comes up from toss to toss”.

Ming returned to the Khanate after the Shattering and led a group of rebel lords against the Khan. Over several years of civil war the nation was thrown in turmoil, and ultimately the Son of the Sky was laid low by Ming’s own hand. Although there were many suspicions, not enough convincing hard evidence was brought before the clan elders and ministers of the previous Khan’s involvement with the drow. In order to preserve the unity of the state and allow for succession Ming accepted the title of blasphemer for daring to spill the sacred blood of the Heir of the Sky. Ronin once more, he traveled that he might put his sword to just use.

Rahzek fought in the wars that still raged in the aftermath of the shattering, earning a fearsome reputation among Neheshi and Tochlanders alike. He fell out of favor with the Academy and the coalition of the Elves, Gnomes and Sorians for his refusal to let some of the crimes of the war go unpunished. During a spell battle with the Are-Zhvost he conjured an elemental primarch of flame that destroyed much of the city. There were reports from the few survivors that in the midst of the raging firestorms a great and terrible visage of flame appeared in the sky and spoke to him, and that Rahzek and the elementals vanished in a burning aperture.

Salov was largely lost from accounts, although there are many popular tales and rumors in the Phedran countryside and some of the western areas of Nehesh of a scarred wanderer searching for something or someone from the times just prior to the founding of Nehesh. There is a very small monastery that claims Salov as a student and sometimes master who lived or lives there, depending on whom you ask. There is no doubt that they do hold his fearsome kama enshrined along the western edge of their training yard, and that none of the monks dare touch it save the wizened old groundskeeper who tends to the candles and incense for the devotions and looks over the vegetable garden.

Skada continued to work with the members of the Grove in their efforts to restore the balance of the Greenfang. She led the hunt for the Font of Poison, the great black wyrm leading the Blackscale. Although she died in the final battle with the beast, she did so moments after her prey. For her role in that hunt, and the successful slaughter of three other black dragons descneded from her Skada Wyrmbane will be remembered by many, and long-revered by several tribes of lizardfolk.

Stiev was a vocal defender of the fate of the Neheshi after the fighting died down and the diplomats took over. Her impassioned arguments on behalf of the Neheshi commons combined with the considerable bargaining power still held by the Collegium and it’s armies was vital in establishing the armistice. Although she did spend several years in Nehesh after the wars she was targeted by many members of the Collegium as a traitor and eventually had to flee. She traveled to the Greenfang for a time, and was one of the first Uestrians to travel to Shumanpoor once contact was re-established. Although it is not accepted as conclusive, several later scholars argue that Riestivpal, the fire-haired, the farslayer sung about in the Hirrimyara is none other than Stiev.


Stiev has the opportunity to get dropped off in Nehesh to gather some intel on what’s going on there. Asra is able to scry out a friend of yours, Andrikos, in Are’Zormetra, a small city that serves as an area administrative center. You pop in while he’s not around and spend some time strolling about the city. Everyone’s abuzz over the increased activity by the magi. Normally, the Are of the city and a few Kell from the subsidiary towns are all that would be about, but you spot half a dozen magi coming in and out of the tower in the city plaza. You also catch word of some unknown earthwork being done outside the city’s walls. You find an inn to settle in at for the next few days.

Over the ensuing 5 days, the activity only increases. The city guard (of which there seemed to be too many) is mustering out troops to take the field, as well as organizing a large supply train in the fields around town. Another, large collection of troops from the countryside arrives and is outfitted and drilled for the rest of the week. Announcements are made and rumors swirl around a city gathering in the square at the end of the week. You hear, and later confirm with your own eyes, that a pair of wyverns flew into the city and lighted on the tower bearing palanquins emblazoned with the private sigils of two members of the Collegium (one of which you recognize as belonging to Edrei Foussalk, a potent conjurer and rumored demonbinder).

Shortly after sunrise the following day, the plaza is packed with people. No one knows what precisely to expect, but rumors and speculation run rampant- everything from speculation that the current Are has been elevated to join the Collegium in Inkhera, to fear of some grave new call to personal service to a clique of magi fighting with their brethren.

As the hope and confusion grew to the point of risking panic or rioting, a thunderous tone rung out, staggering and silencing everyone. Immediately a clear, powerful voice was heard by all: “Still your tongues and clear your eyes, unblock your ears with noisome supposition, for the events of this day are greater than any of your imaginings.” A trio of robed figures stood silhouetted on top of the tower, and commanded attention. “For over 50 years, we have labored, sacrificed and planned, worked to enact the vision of our saviors, the founders of the Collegium, the Enlightened. For 50 years we, as one, have ignored the petty differences that once divided us, locked us in petty strife and futile wars against those whom we now call friend and neighbor. For over 50 years, we have known order, peace and prosperity because we were united in a vision of betterment for us all. For 50 years, the Collegium has searched for and found those with the most talent and promise and taught them to be the leaders and sages necessary to guide us all, in our hundreds and thousands, towards this very day.”

The crowd was rapt. The words carried the weight of sweat and tears, the fulsome promise of revelation. The very ground seemed to thrum, and the air grow heavy with anticipation.

“With this dawn, Nehesh rises to reveal its splendor. We shall no longer hide the light of our true visage, turning our radiance outward to overshine the benighted world.”

The whole world seemed to grow brighter with each word.

“On this day, we ascend to our proper place.”

All the magi flung their arms aloft, shouting out some toneless chant that clawed at the edge of hearing. The ground began to shake violently, throwing those on the street to their knees. A cascade of light flared from the plaza circle, racing along the main roads coming in and out of the city, spilling down side streets. From her vantage point on the roof of the inn, Stiev could see the light tracing some complex rune, and running in a searing beam through the countryside outside the walls. For most, though, all attention was locked on the top of the tower, which slowly, miraculously, began to rise.

“On this day, we claim dominion.”

The tower broke free of the stony grasp of gravity, pulling up and over the gawking, cheering crowd. As it sailed majestically past the buildings of the city, trailing a pair of howling wyverns, shadowing the dwellings of all below, there were tears in Stiev’s eyes. Once it was outside the walls it paused. The scaffolding and sheeting around the earthworks fell away to reveal a ramp dug down to the foundations of the city’s ramparts, where a heavy iron gate slowly ground open. Rank after rank of skeletons marched forth, arrayed with military precision and bearing gleaming raiments of steel and violence. Painted wagons, etched in sigils conveyed the veiled magi as captains.

When the deathless host took the van of the column of men and formed the guard around the supplies, they all snaked away into the distance with they flying tower at the head and the cheering, swarming citizenry at the tail.

At the Feet of theThe White God

After trekking across the unexplored tundra, racing against an unknown foe in their quest for the last uncontrolled piece of Fogen’s Gift, the party had a very bad day.


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