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  • Drashiden Sa'Eranol

    The Master of Conjuration at the _Content Not Found: academy-arcane_. Longtime paramour of the Master of Divination [[:valonna-selmaastiva|Valonna Sel'Maastiva]] and mentor to

    Valonna Sel'Maastiva

    Valonna was recently elevated to the post of Master of Divination at the _Content Not Found: academy-arcane_ after the passing of the former Master, [[:nuall-felsamniir|Nuall Fel'Samniir]]. For several …

  • Reyoki Arras

    h1. History Reyoki was one of the founding members of [[Hyoden]], traveling with them since their earliest days helping track down bandits on the trade road from _Content Not Found: cedarleaf_ into the …

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