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  • Hauptgarten

    The name of a [[Tochland|Tochlandish]] duchy and its ducal seat in the central south of Tochland. The city is the largest on the [[Chalice]] and derives its name from the substantial agriculture developed on the gentle slopes and valleys leading down …

  • Tillondael

    The capitol city of the Elves of [[Cahal Anwess]], located near the center of the Elven forests in the southeast of [[Uestria]].

  • Are'Zormetra

    An [[Are]] with dominion over the [[Kell]] of [[Lihosh|Kell'Lihosh]], [[Tsov|Kell'Tsov]], [[Bunesh|Kell'Bunesh]], [[Autwell|Kell'Autwell]], [[Myukv|Kell'Myukv]], [[Zubrovk|Kell'Zubrovk]], [[Dunersk|Kell'Dunersk]], [[Matlind|Kell'Matlind]] and [[Hovet|Kell …

  • Inkhera

    The capitol city of [[Nehesh]], located at the center of its territory. Like many Neheshi cities, Inkhera was built from scratch in the years following the [[Unification of the Enlightened]], but unlike many others it was completed in just under ten …

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