This is a compilation page of gods, listed alphabetically:

Atrian The god of Law and ordered society. Its followers are a bunch of annoying, sanctimonious prats.

Bephoras The god of Knowledge.

Bahamut A god venerated by some dragons and dragonspawn.

Chelea Minor goddess of agriculture in Phaedros.

Cults Notes on groups worshiping beings not widely recognized as divine.

Duell The current patron god of Humanity.

Dweodelf The patron god of the Dwarves.

Elemental Powers The primordial powers at the heart of the Elemental Chaos.

Fogen The patron god of the Gnomes, deeply involved in the events of the Shattering.

Hekhet The god of Death.

Hrumnir Dwarven god of creation and justice (I think).

Jerric The patron god of the Halflings.

Kashtar The god of Misfortune, a lesser deity.

Korash The god of the Hunt, part of the Elven pantheon.

Latellian The goddess of Inspiration and Art, part of the Elven pantheon.

Nameless Ones The first gods of men, destroyed by Hekhet in the first of days, but still distantly remembered in Shumanpoor.

Ohv The God of All.

Sha’murel The god/goddess of Life, head of the Elven pantheon.

Shalonwe The god of Magic, part of the Elven pantheon.

Taela The matron goddess of the Halflings.

Tarlan The goddess of Luck, a lesser deity. Also the most awesome one. By far.

The Great Ancestors The revered Dwarven Clan progenitors.

Tiamat A goddess venerated by some dragons and dragonspawn.

Vy’Ous Il The World-Spirit.

Xu’ur The deity of Darkness, revered by some sects of Drow.

Zsuray’et The Spider god of the Drow.


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