Since the Wayfinding many mortals from O’ous have left to wander strange places throughout the grander tapestry of creation…though the wondrous and terrifying places are too many to list sages codify the great organization of the cosmos thusly:

O’ous is the place that we call home, the world and all things upon it.

It’s bright reflection, the Feywild, is untamed and dangerous yet filled with aching beauty. The Elves claim it the home of their gods, and to it many returned and have become the Eladrin.

In darkness the twisted backdrop of the world – some say the shape of its very end – is named the Shadowfell. All will cross its wastes in death.

In brilliance above shines the Astral Sea, home of the gods and their personal realms…only a perfect few will ever behold it.

In tumult below roils the Elemental Chaos, a churning, endless torrent of ever-stranger places and the home of the Elemental Powers.

As distant as madness lies the Far Realm, whispered of by only a few and to be ignored by all.


Wayward Thantastic