Another One Bites the Dust

We set out once again into the dead city. This time with the guidance of someone who knows the city and the patrols around it. Shell has not let us down and we quickly make our way to the next point of focus. It is a ruined tower. A quarter of its wall is collapsed in an eight foot pile of rubble. It wasn’t difficult to climb over, even Onundr was able to make it over without assistance. Inside the tower we found a stewart tending to a pillar. covering the wooden pillar were spikes nailed into it, and each spike had some object impaled through it. All around the pillar was a mass of wispy presences. Each of which seemed to be attached to one of the objects. As we approached we could hear them trying to talk to us. Somehow they even seemed to know details about us and beckoned us in. It was impossible to concentrate with in the din. We commanded the stewart to stay where he was as we attempted to study the pillar. He seemed nervous and was attempting to leave when Demyan tried to calm him. It was then that the stewart revealed its true form. We were not dealing with a feeble old man, but a soul sucking fiend. A lengthy battle ensued made more difficult by the constant barrage to our senses from the souls bound to the pillar. Additionally there were 4 areas around the pillar that seemed to incite the spirits to lash out against us. During this battle, Renardo fell. The fiend managed to suck the living essence from his body as he turned to dust.

It took us some time, be we were able to defeat the fiend and set the souls free from their bondage. A silence fell over the tower and the area of the city surrounding it. It was a great relief. We collected what remained of Renardo and headed back to the jungle. due to the circumstances, we did not make camp, but instead used our exodus knife to carve out a safe space to attempt to bring Renardo back to the mortal world. After we brought him back, we rested.

When we emerged from our space, it was just turning dark. This would be first time we set out at night to enter the city. Hopefully the darkness would help give us some cover. Once again Shell lead us quickly through the city to the last of the 4 places set up to bring this city closer into shadow. This section of the city felt different from the others. everything was tense and I could feel a pit of anger beginning to grow in my stomach as we approached our destination. As I got closer to the building, I could not make out much more that a doorway ahead of me. I drew my sword to shed some light. As I did so, I regretted to see a mass of fleshy undead creatures pushing their way out into the street. It was almost like the bodies oozed out of the door. More and more just kept coming out. They tried to grab at us to want to pull us into their mass. The tension and anger that we all felt drove us to attack mercilessly. It was not long until we defeated them at which point it took all of our self control to not try to tear each other apart. What ever was hear are generating so much pain and hate, we needed to find it and destroy it.

We entered the building to find horror worse than what we fought in the streets. every surface of the building was covered in ichor. We ascended to stair to find some poor soul impaled by so many weapons but still kept alive to suffer an eternity of torment. We know that all the hate and pain we felt was coming from it. We had to find a way to give relief. We were careful to not cause anymore pain and for some times did well at this. we extracted all the weapons from this body save one, a small stone dagger. As Navi tried to remove it, she jerked and nearly cut the things head off. In a spasm of agony it finally died. However, the hate we all felt contained to persist and with this dagger in Navi’s hand, the hate welled up inside of her as she lashed out for us. We tried to subdue her as she made attacks toward each of us, and finally one to herself. As she lay unconscious on the floor, we were able to briefly disenchant the knife and remove it from her. It was thrown into the corner of the room as we tried to smash it. The blade seemed to call out to us to pick it up, and it took all of our will to resist it. After of few more blows, it was destroyed and the hate we felt dissipated. We retreated form this place back into the jungle once more.

We debated for some time of how to honor our half of the bargain. Renardo did not want to let her do freely. Renardo and Onundr did not want to leave this place until the evil that exists in the city had been extinguished. We tried to contact Zamphas to see if he would allow us to teleport her to his keeping. We did not get a reply. It was then decided that we would have to open a circle to Mirosh and escort her there. I am not convinced, as my comrades are, that letting her go free posses any threat. Nonetheless, I would not abandon them at this point either. We opened the teleport circle and as we were about to walk through, the vegetation around Onundr’s feet grew up around his legs and ensnared him. He began to speak to speak to someone who was not with us. He explained later that someone had called out to him begging him not to abandon them here. Things on both sides of the circle were becoming tense. Demyan slashed at the vines and cleared them completely as I threw my notes and charts of the stars through the circle. The circle closed, we were still trapped here.



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