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Elven culture is best categorized by several loose divisions: vel-Suul or shu’mael, thence bloodline, thence Calling.

The vel-Suul – so-called High Elves – are fewer in number and live in permanent settlements scattered throughout the forests with only a few large cities. They are more rigid in their social order and maintain a millenia-old culture. The Great Houses are organized on geneologies traced back to the First Age and the earliest Elves, and the Houses’ role in government and culture are tied to their position in the Cycle.

The shu’mael are colloquially known as Wood Elves and are much more casually-organized into semi-nomadic bands that freely roam throughout the forests. Although often living in small groups of only a few dozen individuals, shu’mael still maintain detailed oral histories and can recite their ancestry and connection to the Great Houses as well as any vel-Suul. There are a few major regional hubs and sacred sites that have been maintained for trade and cultural events and are always full and active, but those living there constantly come and go.


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