A coastal rainforest along the southern edge of Uestria. The Greenfang is almost totally unexplored by other cultures, and is only thinly settled by bands of Lizardfolk. Although little is known of their culture, several of the larger tribes identified to date are known as the Blackscale, Sharpclaw and Blue Crest.

Some travelers who return from the area report seeing white stone cities deep within its depths, but these accounts are unverified. There are also stories of one or more potent dragons lairing in the forest.

One notable exception to the normally untouched nature of the Greenfang is Nirhain’s Folly. In 8324 Hyoden travelled into the Greenfang searching for a potent magical object purported to rest in the ruins of an ancient city built by Nirhain in an attempt to reach the heavens.

Since the ruins of the city were discovered by Hyoden archaeologists from the Academy Arcane and druids from the Grove have been down to explore the city and attempt to correct a “sickness” in the forest. They have been aided by the Blue Crest tribe of lizardfolk, and are at odds with the Blackscale which seem to be fighting to disrupt their efforts.


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