Nirhains Folly

A city purpose-built in the Greenfang under the direction of Nirhain. Also referred to in history books as the City of Towers or the City of Needles. The city was partially ruined by divine servants of Atrian sometime in the 7900s.

In 8624 the members of Hyoden rediscovered the city while questing after a powerful magical item. Much to their surprise, they found the city to be guarded by a mythal warding it from the depredations of an ancient black wyrm and still inhabited by a small community of Atrianoi guarding the ruins.

After escaping the dragon and capture by the residents, Hyoden managed to breach the protections of Nirhain’s personal tower and fight their way to the top, only to find that the object of their quest was warded by a powerful angel, Content Not Found: athalhasca. Through cooperating with the ghost of Drien, one of Nirhain’s followers and the architect of the city, Hyoden was able to retrieve the artifact, free Drien’s soul and escape the city, but at the cost of bringing down Atrian’s forestalled doom, destroying the city, and precipitating the fall of Athalhasca into deviltry for her condemnation of Atrian’s response.

The city is currently the subject of study by archaeologists of the Academy Arcane. The ultimate fate of the Atrianoi community is unknown, although there is no evidence of their continued habitation.

Nirhains Folly

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